How Do You Use Instagram for Your Business? [Infographic]

I finally caved and purchased a smart phone. Yes, I know I am a little behind everyone else apparently! I have really enjoyed using Instagram too.  Since I was curious, I decided to check out some companies using this app.

I am a Seattle Seahawks fan so of course I included them in my search! What I found was they all had some things in common.  They share images of their consumers using their products.

In the case of the Seahawks football team, their images are of their players, games, coaches and fans in the stands.

I then visited both the “Official” Nike Instagram account and the above NikeStore Twitter account.  They share photos of their products, athletes using their products, events and inspirational quotes.

The Starbucks’ Instagram account was very creative. Their photos told a story using their coffee of course! For example, “He knows how to make her smile” photo was of a gentleman holding flowers sitting outside waiting for his girl with a cup of Starbucks coffee by his side!

After quickly scanning a few of these accounts, although they had many comments from their fans, they didn’t engage or interact with their followers. Here are a few business tips on the following Infographic, “The Business Marketer’s Guide to Instagram” by Marketo and Column Five.

The Business Marketer�s Guide to Instagram

Of course this is just a tiny sampling of the companies using Instagram and definitely not a scientific study!  I chose these three accounts since I am a fan of their products and team! Instagram is a great addition to the other Social Media sites/apps, that you may be using to show your brand and products.

My other post, Is Pinterest’s Popularity Due to Science? shows an interesting statistic that 65% of the population are visual learners. Is it possible that both Pinterest and Instagram have become so popular due to this statistic?  What do you think?

How do you use Instagram for your business?

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