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There are a number of reasons your blog should have an outstanding Media Room that is easily accessible to your readers. Not only can a Media Room drive more traffic to your blog, a Media Room offers the press an easy, online, content rich page about you, your talents, your focus interest and your persona.

When a Producer, Editor or Publisher wants to feature a story and you want to be a contributor, your Media Room will be their resource to gather information quickly. Your tailored made Media Room will represent you through your work, and much like a resume, it should tell your achievement story. There are three key elements that should guide you as you create your own custom designed page.


The first key element to be considered in your blog’s Media Room is the theme. This is an important principle because it immediately signals the press that you are an expert in the same area of interest they are conducting their contributor search.

A theme can be a simple paragraph at the top of your page describing your focus and niche. If your blog is a southern cooking website rich with wonderful recipes from the south, you can state that as your niche in your opening. If you want to get a bit more elaborate, you can use custom made designs in your Media Page, such as artwork showing aprons, cooking utensils and a map of the USA with the southern states highlighted. This shows the press what you are all about and offers a new approach to the everyday monologue they are accustomed to reading.

Whatever your choice is, the theme is key to the layout of your page because it offers the reader an idea of what scope of interest your talents are about to reveal. Think of your theme as an Executive Summary on a resume. Clearly state exactly what your blog offers and then you will show how your experience brings value to your readers.

Examples of Your Work

Supporting the theme of your Media Room will be examples of your work; showing readers where your experience supports your theme. Examples of how you fit into your niche theme can be as basic as a list of guest posts you have written in the past. If you are more established and have videos of yourself on television, you definitely want to get those posted.

Guest articles and vlogging should represent your work and stay in line with the theme for your blog. If your blog is focused on healthy living, you might list all of the articles you have written on exercise and weight loss. Videos of you are going to help the press get an even better understanding of your persona, and also see how you will be received on T.V. One way to do this is with product reviews. If you do not have videos of you providing product reviews, try to incorporate it into your blogging moving forward so you can start incorporating them into your portfolio of work.

Vlogging is a great way of providing an example of how you are on camera, so try to incorporate vlogging into your posts and add them to your Media Room as well. If a Producer for your local news wants to interview a Blogger in your niche, she might see your videos and not look any further! Now that you have the press’s attention, invite them to you and let them know you are interested in working with them.

Invitation Statement

Since you now have the attention of key press agents, you now want to make sure they know you are interested in working with them and how to contact you. Include an invitation statement on your media page. An invitation to contact you is your way of ‘closing the deal’ to be invited as a contributor.

Your invitation statement can be in your theme summary or it can be at the bottom of your page after your examples of work. I like to put mine front and center on my Media Page so that when a reader comes on the page, they know immediately this room is made for the press and why. Using sentences like “if you are a Producer, Publisher or Editor and would like to speak with me directly, please email me at ….” Make sure your invitation statement gives them a clearly stated way to contact you and that you welcome their inquiries. Your Media Room is intended for the press, let them know it and invite them to reach you directly for more information.

Now that you have your Media Room set-up and ready for the press, be sure to announce it in your newsletter, post it in your tweets and share it on your Facebook page. Most importantly, maintain your Media Room monthly. Add new articles and videos and make sure to keep your contact information up to date. Not only will your blog go from good to great, you will have reason for folks to come and see the work you are capable of producing while driving traffic, one reader at a time.

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